Our program provides all of the tools that your employees will need to achieve a stronger level of support and understanding on diversity integration. With powerful resources such as informative books and virtual training, your staff will receive the excellent training that they need in order to achieve a higher level of teamwork and diversity.

30 Days to Diversity Workbook

This workbook will guide your organization through a 30-day or 30-step process of discovery regarding diversity and inclusion.

The 30 Days to Diversity Workbook provides your company with information and strategies that will help you to engage in active conversations about topics such as unconscious bias and the roles that we must take part in so that we can build more inclusive communities around us. This workbook is an essential tool of your program as it will help you to identify real-world issues and solutions that will give you a stronger mindset in favor of diversity and inclusion.

Workbook Objectives

  • Help Participants to Recognize what Unconscious Bias Is, Where it Comes From, and Why We All Have It
  • Identify Unconscious Biases that Affect Individuals and Organizations
  • Discuss Strategies to be Implemented that Allows You to Overcome Social Bias as Individuals and as Organization Members
  • Identify Inclusiveness, Why It is Important, and How to Achieve It

Accompanying Virtual Training

This workbook comes with a virtual training experience brought to you by Gary Brackett. This online course will provide you with a guided companion to your workbook by Gary Brackett himself as he breaks down each topic and discusses strategies that can be implemented in order to achieve diversity in your workplace.