30 Days to Diversity isn’t just a traditional diversity program; this integration process was built to give your entire company a foundation of empowerment and equality that is based on teamwork, trust, and dedication regardless of race.

Super Bowl Winning Mentorship

Your company has the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to assume mentorship under Super Bowl Champion Gary Brackett. Brackett is proud of his experience, competence, and tenacity that he has utilized in order to bring about the ultimate level of success in those around him.

Accountability & Trust

30 Days to Diversity was designed to provide individuals of your workplace with the empowering information and strategies that are needed in order to optimize the diversity integration of your company. Hold accountability and focus on goals of the future with Gary Brackett.

Solution Focused

Here at 30 Days to Diversity, we believe that:

When You Focus on Problems, You’ll Have More Problems. When You Focus on Possibilities, You’ll Have More Opportunities!

That motto is carried with every program that Gary Brackett teaches. There are many programs that focus on problems; 30 Days to Diversity focuses on solutions that provide change in positive ways for your diversity and inclusion.

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? Molded after the drive of a Super Bowl Champion, our goal has always been to strive for legendary greatness with every new step that we take. From our communities to our restaurants, our team is constantly searching for ways to rise to the top of our goals and overcome any challenges that have been set before us.


Business Minded

As the former CEO of a small business managing 400 people, I know first-hand the risks that are involved in implementing new programs into your business’s structure. 30 Days to Diversity was created not to shame organizations for their mistakes, but to enlighten them with the possibilities for diversity that should be encouraged. Business owners should focus on the proactive betterment of their team to avoid problems in the long run.

Solution Oriented

My goal is to help your team to acknowledge the problems that exist surrounding diversity in the world today as I give context on the background and the future of integration. We will take time uncovering solutions and actions that can be implemented to create change in positive ways toward equality in the workplace and in the world.

Beautifully Designed

As a lifelong student, I know the importance of providing engaging, creative, and interactive materials to those that we mentor. 30 Days to Diversity provides interactive and exciting materials that will help your team to enjoy the process toward diversity.