As your company works toward the lofty goal of establishing effective diversity and inclusion initiatives, managing each and every aspect of your diversity and inclusion practices on your own might start to feel a bit overwhelming.
30 Days to Diversity is here to help.
This specialized training program was designed by former Super Bowl champ, high-performance coach, and entrepreneur Gary Brackett to help you bring out the best in your own business’s diversity and inclusion initiatives.
30 Days to Diversity isn’t just a traditional diversity program; this historically-grounded and forward-thinking training program was built to give your entire company a deep sense of empowerment, equality, and equity built on a firm foundation of teamwork, trust, and dedication regardless of dissimilarity.
30 Days to Diversity provides all of the tools that your employees will need to achieve a higher level of support and understanding regarding diversity integration. With useful resources ranging from informative books to intensive virtual training, your staff will receive the skills and tools they need in order to bring your company’s teamwork and diversity to greater heights.


Gary Brackett—A.K.A. “Your Championship Coach”— is an American business coach and the founder of 30 Days to Diversity and Champions’ Academy.
As the CEO of Stacked Pickle, Brackett managed over 400 employees among 10 locations. Throughout these locations, he worked to instill practices and systems of success and accountability to build a culture much similar to that of his NFL career. Brackett utilized his experience as a former Colts captain with HOF Peyton Manning and under HOF coach Tony Dungy, recognizing the importance of transparency and setting the tone as a leader throughout an organization.